Dance Judges Be Like…


and how your arm suppose to look when you judge… by DJ Renegade

Hiero Day with the Knuckle Necks

Level Concepts.

Heres a lil concept I been sharing in my classes throughout this dance, How to take one move and make it into many more. Hope you all enjoy. thanks RoxRite Official for recording/edited my strangeness. #HipHop


More freestyle life with NastyRay

Coffee Break

Dance & freestyle / NO MUSIC EDIT

No illusions with a popular song over dance here.

WindMill Or Die

What bboys do in hotels. “day time”

Nasty Quote / part 1

Off The Floor?

A little insight in Flexums mind.

Life of a Full time bboy.

Freestyle is Creation

Freestyle in this dance is not very understood and often not appreciated.

Further more, most of everyones favorite dance moves was and will be created on accident.

This is “free styling” to me.. surprising yourself with the music you are dancing to creating new accidental sh*t.




Password : freestyle






New website

Same awesomeness.


Click shop tab above to check it out.

Attack On Titan Inspired Dance Moves.



How to dance in a cypher.

just follow the music.


Art print.

NastyRay has a question

“why do I get hired for work all over the world but never in my own city that I represent all over the world?” -NR

Bboys are good at….

Being Late.

Throwing Cocks.

Listening to a lot of music.

Trying every method to not pay to get into events…

Being Compulsive Liars

Making sweet <3

Sleeping …..a lot.

and of course PARTYING harder then anyone!


and more importantly… inspiring the world.


Thanks to all my friends that added valuable data for this blog. <3

Inspirational music / vol 3

Bad Coffee / CoffeeBreak

sometimes coffee just needs to go in the trash.

Photo by: BobbiVie


Gadget / Boogie Brats

Some dope words from a legend.

I’ve always loved this design! My crews been through a lot over the past few years, tough times are not always bad times. I grew up with two brothers and our stupid fights over the years are the very things that made us inseparable. I find that the scene has changed much over the years and continues to, I’m glad to see that the essence, vibe passion and what Boogie Brats is about hasn’t and will never: respect for the raw culture of the dance, worship of the place and significance of the cypher and circle, disgusting rhythmic connection in the music through raw, original flow, through full display of understanding and foundation in the dance. This crew will always be about and in the cypher- this crew came from there, established it’s name there and will always be there and about that kinda life in breaking. Love to all my brothers and crew holding down the name and most important spirit of the name with that brotherly connection and respect for each other in good times and bad. Still here killing it. -Gadget

Gadget also expanding his creativity through the arts.


My Culture. 2013 / StirfeTV

My Culture. 2013. Bboy Portfolio // sponsored by Pro Breaking Tour (
compiled and edited by Daniel Zhu. STRIFE.

Best Instagram Freezes of 2013