Focus OC Dance Competition 2010

A unique competition where only house music is played for all dance styles.

Hosts/Organizers: Mikey Jazzwell, Mike G., Josh Billings
Judges: Dino [The Original Freestyler] , Justin “Jet Li” Valles [Poreotics, Funny Bones Crew, CultureShock LA] , Peppa [Syrenz] , Vex [Super Cr3w, Battle Monkeys, Full Force]
DJs: Josh Billings, Nonfiction, Wobs


Video links: Popping: SlimBoogie Vs Lobo Winner- SlimBoogie

Video links: Breaking: NastyRay VS Gyroe Winner -NastyRay

Video links: Freestyle:  Wade Vs Jlubbz Winner- Wade

NastyRay Vs. Tom  “Godkee’s Favorite Bboy Battle of the night.”


For more videos check MikeFromTheBAY

An Insightful Mother

My mom doesn’t want her picture online so i put my mom’s mom instead which is my grandma above. (kinda looks like her)

Recently living in LA I have experienced a lack of heart/soul in the people that i thought i knew down here, especially in dancing. thats just what Im feeling, being very “cold” in such a “hot” place. Many people come here to be a star, change of scenery, find something they didn’t have back home. For whatever reason im/we are here we just gotta stay humble and be happy as “shyguy” my roommate says.


My mom wrote me this quote below and i wrote how i interpreted it. check it out.

“Get up and dance! Pitty Party is over. Go celebrate life with your real friends and make new ones”


“Get up and dance!”

Something all dancers should be good at..getting up, moving dancing(moving forward). I Believe your dancing reflects your life and how you are. If you are stuck repeating the same daily routine’s in your dancing, being content feeling the same and writing about how fun this and that was…. when the world see’s you as the same as 3 years ago you have put a vail on seeing yourself and time flys when your “eyes” are shut. Everyone experiences this, some more than others. If you are comfortable being comfortable than stay that way and be happy, but dont expect people to change for someone thats stuck in one dimension. ….Im getting up.

“The Pitty Party is over.”

yea it is thats why we should all be at the Poppin party. keep it moving

“Go celebrate life with your real friends and make new ones.”

yes, again! Its a celebration time…all the time. Some people need more time to realize that people changing are the people moving forward, Don’t wait on people that are waiting for you or else you both will be stuck. Lead by example move forward without regrets but also at the same time don’t believe your the winner or in front of the “race” …thats when your blind. Realize who your friends are the ones that keep you going in what you love doing “which is dancng for me” surround yourself…enjoy…. Repeat.. grow.. learn.

Thanks Mom.


Rob Nasty S.W.A.T Tactics

A good friend of mine “Rob Nasty” yes Nasty…. he made up my name by the way, is throwing a workshop in LA check it out and support a dope Rocker!

Click HERE for facebook event page

The Rock Dance also known as “Rocking” or the “Uprock” has been the center of controversy in the B-Boy Community for the past 15 years! The war-like dance started in Brooklyn NYC in the late 60s and was the precursor to Breakdancing and paralleled the Disco Era. Due to the exclusiveness of The Brooklynights and New York Natives, Rocking has been a secretive form of dance… Until NOW!

Rob Nasty is a Champion Uprocker and established B-Boy from the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 20 years. He has made personal pilgrimages to Brooklyn NYC and learned from the best of the best at this style of dance.

Winner of 2004 True to the Game: Uprock Comp – Sacramento,CA
Winner of 2007 B-Boy Hodown: Uprock Comp – Houston,TX
Winner of 2008 Raiders of the Lost Art: Uprock Comp – Brooklyn,NYC
Winner of 2008 Dynasty Rockers 35th Anniversary: Uprock Comp – Las Vegas,NV

Learning from:
King Uprock (Dynasty Rockers), Buz and Noel (Touch of Rock), Amigo Rock (Rock Steady), Lil’ Dave (Lil’ Dave Rockers), PJay 71 (Forever We Rock)

and even tidbits of history from 80s Uprockers like:
Doze One, Ken Swift, Nako, Mr. Loose

and many more…

WORKSHOP includes:
Rock Dance History
Basic Jerks
Spin Jerks
8-Count jerks
16-Count Jerks
Reverse Spin Jerks
Reverse Rockin’
Jerks with Blocks and Counters
Down Rock Jerks
Dynasty style
Manhattan style,
Touch of Rock Style
Story Telling Burns
Combining martial arts moves with burns
Weapons handling
Short range weapons
Long range weapons…

$20 sliding scale…
Will not turn anyone away if your short…

For more info contact Rob Nasty at: