Justin Bieber VMA’s

So, The VMA’s just passed and im gathering all the footage I have from my camera. this may take awhile…

In the mean time if you didnt see it check the video of JB live VMA performance, Where poppers trickers boys and choreo dancers unite with a live band and JB to perform for the world.


“It was a pleasure and honor working with a very talented group of dancers”


these kids are the future! and LEGACY looks like me.lol

If you havent seen her already, get ready to be inspired and start practicing! check her out Bgirl SIMI!

I will be updating this soon as i clear out my computer..i have 5 gigs left..


Best New Artist nominee Justin Bieber will perform at Sunday’s VMAs.

Where there is a show……… there’s got to be some dancers.. be sure to check NastyRay and Legacy Repping for the Bboy’s at VMA’s.

Be ready to see a show full of some of the best in many dance styles/tricking along with some famous bboy/bgirl kiddies. This is a performance you cant miss even though it will be on youtube write after.

Other acts will also include well known dancers from USA. Keep your eyes peeled.

for more info click VMA