Melbourne Street Run for JAPAN 2011

Bboy/Bgirl Fundraiser for Japan

A fundraiser held by Bgirl Stash. All proceeds/donations went to the Red Cross to help Japan during the earthquake and tsunami periods. A big thanks to Johnny Yayo for handling the mic, P Butter for fiddling with the Ipod, Dyson for helping out with the dimedrops website, Mattix for transport and turning the snags… and my homegirls Lize and Melo for just being cool. Big ups to everyone that came! One Love. Stash

DJ Quantum (HH/SV)

Dj Quantum from San Jose CA (HeadHunters/SocialVillains)

This Day in age many bboys are becoming Dj’s for an easy way to make a buck or even get some better hook ups etc. Heres a bboy/DJ that Dj’d before serato and when it wasnt the thing to do, and while he was a youngin, I know you will tell the difference. Enjoy.

Heres some free break/funk/hiphop mixs from a good friend from my hometown.


Latest tracks by DJ Quantum HH

and his “bboy trailer” of coourse. double talent!

Neguin Vs NastyRay Battle:Brazil

NastyRay says:

Why Battle of Brazil? “I believe my friends hyped the Brazilian part of this battle knowing im half brazilian and Neguins this battle was known on the low as battle to see who’s the most brazilian…weird joke”

This battle was technically NastyRay’s and Neguin’s first exhibition battle. So nobody really knew what to expect besides getting extremely hype. CHeck it out.

This amazing Mini Documentary of NastyRay and Neguin Experience was made by a film student about to graduate Jay Talactac If there wasnt people like Jay I dont know how a-lot of dancers would be living write now. add him on Facebook and give him mad props!