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Life Post.

It was a great week.


So Far everyday has been a roller coaster of excitement. I have no bboy pics but i have family pics! BB.

More than a bboy

“We bboys/dancers are not just entertainment/special guests, we represent our countries and our way of living, we are diplomats of hiphop/bboying.” -NastyRay

Usually dancers (bboys/bgirls) get flown out around the world to compete in battles/judge/workshops or even just make an appearance. They come they dance they leave. Canvas Creations has invited NastyRay to do a lot more than the average “gig”. A chance to experience Bangalore, India’s culture. From understanding how the city works, to feeling what the people feel, exploring while building relationships . Here is a series of pictures from NastyRay himself.

“Sorry I have no pictures of the bboys and event, i was too busy judging to be taking pics :).”-NastyRay


Thank you CanvasCreations.