Norway / Part 2 “Walking About”

A small collection of random pictures shot while walking around Beautiful Tromso,Norway.

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Computer Hope

Why do I put videos online.

Why do I put videos online.

So more than a few people have been asking me this so i finally got off my butt and decided to answer.

Question from a dancer:

hey Ray first of all keep rockin’ love your style …I just wanted to ask why do u teach all those moves in your youtube account…when doing them is after all biting?

My Answer:

I post videos to inspire the world and its “hella” fun!

deep explanations

Most moves are not original, its all been done before but people just don’t know it. I hope if I show them how to do a move and more importantly play with a it hopefully something greater will come out of it. An eye opener to themselves, their own style.

getting deeper.

Further more I have no original moves but I do have an original style, i just do me. and Im the only me in the world that will truly never be “bittin”. when people understand this… their true style will come out and even a simple move will always look different. know yourself.



Rehearsals, Alexander The Great

Rehearsals for Alexander The Great a hiphop theatre show In Tromso, Norway featuring Machine, NastyRay, Reveal, Nicolai and B.

VIDEO/Click here for nation wide televised rehearsal awesomeness

Computer Hope

Heres a piece of the news article translated with google translate. or if you read Norweigian you can click HERE

With breakdancer from hip-hop heaven flown in from the USA, smell the bird of spring’s vigorous commitment to Hålogaland Theatre.

Jeffrey ‘Machine’ McCann and Rayan “Reveal” Casicas from the Sacramento / Los Angeles and Raymond “NastyRay” Mora from San Jose is not anyone in hip-hop world.

It keeps mentioning key words such as MTV, “So You Think You Can Dance”, the Mayor of Beijing, Justin Bieber, Ludacris and Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown, you will see the drawing.

– Loves the theater
– One of the reasons I said yes was because I love theater. It is an art form that is partly lost to our generation, says Jeffrey McCann at Northern Lights.

He is breikdanser and choreographer for the play, grown up in Sacramento, California but now lives in Los Angeles / Hollywood.

McCann rattles off prejudices that people might have against a “b-boy” (breikdanser of poor Norwegian), and points out that it is therefore a fun challenge to take on theater.

Each one teach one. NOT each one USE one.

Here’s an email from a promoter inviting me to a well organized event
that knows me personally but does not know the value of a dancer.

“When I say no. It’s on to the next yes.” This is one of the main
reasons why you DON’T see many “seasoned/experienced” dancers, who
have been putting in countless hours… years… into their craft at
“popular events”. Many promoters will throw large scale events and
will not pay the talent that makes their event known or relative to
the scene. They’ll say, “you should dance for the love, not the $$$”
and my response is, “the love is in the cyphers, not in competitions.”

If you finally start saying ‘NO’ to the pennies you get for your years
of hard work, you will be semi blacklisted as a “greedy” dancer. In
doing so, less opportunities will be offered to you and you will
probably have to move on to other means of income. Unfortunately, many
will also be forgotten in time thanks to these promoters.

I’m not sure if or when this will all change, but I do know that by
shedding more light on this issue and letting you all know where I stand is
a step forward in the right direction.

Value yourself so that our culture can have a future to invest in.

Footwork & Freezes,

Workshop: India Workshop Photos

Here are some pictures from NastyRay’s Workshop in Bangalore India, an experience that opened my heart mind body & soul

Levels freezes style life

-1nspiration is free


Wise words from the web

Facebook…Twitter…blah blah blogs…gives people a voice. This is for those people who feel they are an authority on HIP HOP or anything else for that matter. If you don’t fit this criteria then maybe you should ‘SHAAAATTTAAAAPPPPPP’!!!
To develop into an authority takes experience. There’s a certain “been –there-done-that” which comes with years of succeeding and failing. All that hard won knowledge, contributes to you being an authority.

Others in your community recognizes you as such.

Your work should speak for itself.

YOU are a resource.
Others look to you for advice.

Study your craft.

And Finally, no one became an authority without sharing what they know. For people to feel you’re an authority, they need to hear your thoughts. So share. Share wide and far.

…And thank you.

IF YOU ARE HIP HOP? The Ultimate Mr Wiggles Rant.

-If the Only Question you have about HIP HOP is “How do I Get an Agent?” – YOU’RE NOT HIP HOP!

-If you call yourself HIP HOP, but you only dance to POP Music – YOU’RE NOT HIP HOP!

-If you call yourself HIP HOP, yet 90% of what is on your iPod is POP music – YOU’RE NOT HIP HOP!

-If you think the 4 Elements of HIP HOP are: Class, Auditions, Choreography, and Tanning….Guess what…lol, stay the F*ck away from me……

-If you call yourself a HIP HOP Dancer and you can’t dance to BREAK BEATS or JAMES BROWN!!! – YOU’RE NOT HIP HOP!

-If you think HIP HOP Dance is Choreo, and BBOYS are BREAKDANCERS, you’re F&ckin Crazy!

-If you claim to teach HIP HOP Dance, yet your Choreography resembles WEST SIDE STORY or SWEET CHARITY, or REFERENCES BOB FOSSIE – YOU’RE NOT HIP HOP!

-If you keep saying to yourself “I Have to work on my Freestyle” – YOU ARE IN NO WAY, A Freakin HIP HOP DANCER!

-If you enter a HIP HOP GROUP Dance Contest and you start your Routine WAACKING and end it in a JAZZ POSE – YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIP HOP!!!

-If you still haven’t got SMOKED by a Kid from the HOOD, who never TOOK Class a Day in His or Her LIFE… – You have not been Baptized in Real HIP HOP Dance!!

-If you don’t know what “THE BOUNCE”, “THE ROCK”, “THE GRIND”, or the Damn “500” is.. – You should NOT BE TEACHING HIP HOP!!!

-If you call BBOY Music BREAK BEATS and RAP MUSIC HIP HOP – You DO NOT KNOW WHAT HIP HOP MUSIC IS!!! (they are both HIP HOP Music)

-If you do NOT know the entire history of HIP HOP dance, Then HOW CAN YOU TEACH IT?

You’re a DUMMY……

-If you believe HIP HOP Dance is being created in the’re still a Dummy
(HIP HOP dance is still being created in the STREETS! i.e. the DOUGIE, the LIGHT FOOT, ect..)

-If you call yourself a professional HIP HOP dancer, then learn your CRAFT!