Dance brought us here.

If it wasn’t for our conviction and this art form known as dance we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks dance for showing us the world.

Dancers and friends for Halog Aland Theatre’s “Alexander The Great” meet up on Tromso, Norways Mountain for some sight seeing.

Shie Chan 2012

I recently caught up with a close friend of mine from Japan, Bgirl Shie Chan! She currently represents AIR REAL and QWEEN OF QWEENZ and has been dancing for quite some time now and has inspired many dancers world wide. She is one of a few Bgirls in the world that is still dancing, competing and of course most importantly inspiring.

“When I interview I only ask a few questions because dance speaks for itself.”

NastyRay: What does dancing mean to you in 1 word?

Shie Chan: me.

NastyRay: Why is inspiration free?

Shie Chan: Expressing your self truly threw dance shows this

Thanks Shie Chan

Heres her 2012 Video!


Amazing kids, Amazing view.

A breath taking mountain scape directly in front of one of North Norway’s Community kids center where a dance class with NastyRay and Nicolai was taught.

Bboy Wicket + X Factor USA

A well known amazing dancer/rapper/singer/host that has inspired the world will be auditioning for a show called The X factor. Allow him to inspire more people by scrolling down and clicking the “like button” on Bboy wickets link HERE

I also asked Wick 2 quick questions just to follow up.

Question: Why is inspiration free?

WICK: The first thing that comes to my mind of “why inspiration is free”, is GOD made it possible for everyone to be focused, motivated and to pursue any goal in your life. Be inspired and inspire others.

Question: What does dancing mean to you in 1 word?


Thats all we need to know in an interview.
Thank you Wicket and goodluck on your auditions for The X factor.


Time to think

Heres a thought process of how some of my quotes come out.

Thinking about : Too much repetitive movement will leave you injured -

quote “Health is 1st before any dance move.”

Thinking about : Just do you?…. Just do you?…thats kind of selfish. how about

quote “Just do you while respecting others.”

Thinking about : Why am I so adventurous, must be because i meet so many people.

quote “Try traveling at a young age it wil change your life.”

Thinking about : A lot of “hiphop” heads complaining why aint i here and there, “that should be me”

quote “HipHop doesn’t owe anybody shit.”