Alexander The Great Review.

Alexander The Great

Hiphop mixed with theatre at Halogaland Theatre. HipHop wins today

I want to say I dont understand Norwegian. From what everyone translating to me, The show Alexander The Great @Halogaland Theatre is a great success and is actually mentioned in news, radio, and news papers all threw out Norway.

Heres an exert of translated news from my friend and co worker “Huy Le Vo”

“The first thing that happens when the performance starts, is Raymond Mora doing a dance dialog with a coffee cup. This in itself is fascinating – the stage is constructed so that it can shake, sometimes dramatically.

This is a strong and effective i means in this performance. It makes the coffee cup move, turn somersaults, actually in a kind of dialogue with Mora. This opening says something about how the play is about fragility, but also about something that lands right after all.

Fragility is the key word for Alexander, played by Huy Le Vo. “

For more Info click here on Norways national news website.(if you understand norwegian)


Where we at?

We are In Norway getting ready for our premiere theatre show “Alexander The Great” directed by Jon Tombre.

Smurf on “How to Paint A Wall”

This is as raw as it gets.

no flashy camera angles, no zoom ins, no talking,

Just straight “vibing” to the music.

Bboy Smurf


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Never picked up a Boombox? Don’t worry. You can still dance a wall like a pro!

To complete this How-To you will need:

Damp rags
Painter’s tape
Dj Lean rock mixtape
Drop cloth
Paint roller
Replacement roller pad
2 or 3″ brush
Roller pan
Fan (optional)
Small painter’s brush (optional)
Originality (is a must)

Step 1: Smooth bumps & wipe (up rock)

If painting a new wall with no previous paint, use sandpaper to smooth any bumps. If there are any holes, spackle and sand them. Then wipe with a damp rag.
complete your swag. catch a beat, rhythm, find a comfort zone.

Step 2: Cover trim & floor (go-down)

Cover the trim with blue painter’s tape and cover the floor with a drop cloth. movement to enter footwork or power, waterer.

Step 3: Apply primer (footwork)

Apply a thick coat of primer with a thickly padded roller. This will hide any surface imperfections and keep the paint from peeling.

Allow the primer to fully dry before the application with paint.

Tip: Choose paint colors (Styles) a shade lighter than what you really want—colors often dry darker than you expect—and test them on a small, discreet spot.

Step 4: Paint edges

Tackle the edges (experiment with different angles) first. Using a two- or three-inch brush, apply a band of paint along the edges of the ceiling, windows, doors, baseboards, and cabinets. This is called “cutting in.”

Tip: Small rooms take about one or two gallons for the first coat; the second coat takes about half as much.

Step 5: Use roller to paint

Pour paint into a roller pan and use the roller to paint in an up and down motion. One technique: roll out a W shape in paint and then spread it evenly into a square.

Tip: Don’t paint from side to side—it can look streaky.

Step 6: Wait for 1st coat to dry

Wait an hour or so for the first coat to dry.

Tip: Want to make it dry faster? Put some fans in the room.

Step 7: Apply 2nd coat

Apply the second coat with a fresh roller pad with a lighter shag. Use less pressure the second time around—just make sure the paint is distributed evenly.

Step 8: Fill in spots

Use a two-inch brush—or even a small painter’s brush from an art store—to fill in or even out any spots you missed or that are too bulky or streaky.

Step 9: Let dry & remove tape

Once the second coat is dry (in about an hour) carefully remove the painter’s tape.

Step 10: Enjoy wall

Enjoy your newly painted wall!

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Good DJ’s = Good Music

I have met more then a few Dj’s out there in the world and these Dj’s below are some of my favorite people that play music. They Have a variety of music on there sites and know whats really good when it comes to music in the Dance community.

“Thanks for getting my lazy ass up to groove & do some airflares….”just 2″ but still fresh”