Frantick is 1nspiration

Frantick, He speaks a new language when it comes to dancing, which is something you have to see to believe. He is every instrument in the song and becomes each member in the band playing that instrument in dance form.

I first met this man in 2008 Bankstown, Australia of all places. We were special guest for a Jam called Super Round Box 3. We instantly became good friends as Im sure many people do with such a good caring person. Frantick is the first and mayb only dancer I have ever seen make an audience at a hiphop event cry from a judge showcase performance. I also had a tear and was confused on how it happened. YEA HES THAT GOOD!

anways, Recently he has been in jail for sometime, “shit happens” …. Now he is free! and ready to inspire the dance scene in a whole new light. Everybody around the world is happy to welcome Boogie Frantick back to society!

Frantick Freed!

check out his 1st video straight out of the governments control. :)

1nspiration is Frantick


PS: sunglasses are kool