Events: BreakFree 2012

BreakFree Houston Texas is 1 of my favorite events in the U.S. of freaking A.

Be sure to check out an amazing Bboy/Bgirl event and as my friend Mex would say “by the community for the community.”

Thats whats Moy’s BreakFree community center is about and What BreakFree2012 is gonna be!

and not to forget CYPHER ADIKTS before BreakFree. 3 day EVENT! WTF AHhhhHHHH.


PS: If anyone needs rides let me know, I rented a car.


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Events: Rockers Rumble 7

Rockers Rumbles 7

This is my second time headed to the high altitude state of Colorado. I am here along with Kenski (Nufsed), Keebz (Mind180), Toyz (LionzOfZion), Mex1 (Biggest&Baddest) DJ Ill Leterte (Section31) and DJ Fleg. We are here to do what we do best, Judge, DJ, Dance, Spread 1nspiration threw our clothing, personalities, our lives….us …. we do this good.

I arrive here ready to kill or ready to kill my first workshop in Colorado. I believe i killed it with my 5 students the other friends in this picture are just fill in to make the workshop look more full. Its ok, Quality Over Quantity.

DJ ill Leterate / college professor / PHD / BBOY / DJ / DOPE GUY is flown out to RR7 to Dj and give an amazing speech you must check out.

He Wrote a book and relates Bboying into college students life. A must read for all bboys/bgirls of planet earth.

Check this 5 min video to get a sense of depth in this mans writings.

Boom Judges ready and looking sexy. I didnt get a picture of the winners but everyone knows who won…the crew was Knuckle zoo killa something that took the jam in a breeze.

Judges Showcase / we killed it because we know and love what we do. BBOYING. No AIRFLARES NEEDED.

Boom cypher Battle, Tom looking like hes gonna stab someone…its ok its all hiphop I hope…

My booth coffee infused with Biggest & Baddest!

I sold out of the 10 shirts I brought to Colorado, Thanks alot everyone.

Nufsed Booth with the fresh designs, always fresh like oranges.


Im not a photographer but this pic is NASTY. Keebz and Kenski looking sexy and sexy.



thank you


FreestyleSession15 Clips & Flicks

FreestyleSession 15 was yet again another amazing experience filled with cyphers and some dope battles. Props to Skill Brat Renegades for the W and Top 9 / All the most for bringing the Russian fire!

Thanks to @IamCROS1 for throwing yet another great installment of FreestyleSessions! cyphers + memories & BionicMan with the All Styles room was POPPIN!

Final Battle / Winner Skill Brat Renegades.

Heres a couple pics i took while doing back rocks. :D

Krash and Lino and I. Showcase round ( we didnt make it. LOL)

More Flicks.