Promoters specifically bboy/bgirl promoters.


Promoters (specifically bboy/bgirl promoters),

If you’re going to ‘invite’ a dancer(s) to your event to compete, then at least have a place for us to stay and pay for our travels. If you can’t, then don’t invite us. Otherwise, you’re just devaluing our worth.

From a business standpoint, it’s not a sustainable practice as a promoter because you depend on us to be your entertainment. If it does continue, you’re only making it harder for us to dance for a living.

As for you dancers that didn’t know, now you know. For the ones that did (and still accepted), next time ask for what you think you’re worth. You may or may not get what you want. Regardless, if enough of us persist in asking, one day it’ll be a standard (disappointed that it still isn’t).

Here’s to self worth,

P.S. #1NFAMOUS2014, you’re all invited.

#1nspirationisFree #NastyRay

Bboy Travels / A solo mission in Europe.

1) Germany (Red Bull Dance Camp)
2) BirmingHam (UK CHAMPS)
3) Hungary (ThugLife)
4) Slovakia (Marketing)
5) Eastern Slovakia (FunkTastick Jam + Workshop)
6) London (ThugLife)

1) Fifteen + promoters, Bboys/Bgirls all dancers in general met up for a time of our lives.

RedBull Dance Camp. A camp for professional dancers to be even more professional. From networking to managing, we all learned a-little bit of everything.

What we and you should learn:

Social Media
and of course being an amazing person.

Photo by Roxrite

2) Birmingham (Uk Champs)

Lesson learned once again, Dont go to a jam to early and be sure to get plenty of sleep before then. The jam was long and I was not as prepared as I thought I was. So I started to drink alittle… to relax… My Relaxation mode quickly turned into a nap mode, Then I missed my Hiphop and Footwork Battles while napping (Stupid Self)

I did advance to day 2 in the 1 on 1’s Here is the battle.

Uk Champs another time, Il be ready in NastyRay mode not SleepyRAy.

3) Hungary (ThugLife)

As It says. I was thug life. Just living touring the streets of Hungary with my good friend MG from TheBboySpot EU and Dora from Hungary…OG

4) Slovakia

Finally got a chance to see the BboySpot, Where I brought some of my own marketing techinques to TheBboySpotEU New Brand “The Legits”

5) Eastern Slovakia

I found myself in the middle of a forest judgin/ teaching an small but amazing event called Funktastick Jam by Nicholas.

I was shocked and honered to see people from 3 different countries drive out early to take my workshop. Promoters were as surprised as I was with the outcome. It was a vaery dope event and workshop.

6) London Thuglife.

I had a day layover till my flight back home.

It was a party.

Thanks to get Low Pirates, Soul Mavericks, Heavy Smokers. and so many others.

…The Man DAN.

He took care of me the whole time, organized and funny. Sorry I broke your toilet.

Mission accomplished thanks to my friends, So maybe it wasn’t so solo after all.